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5 Simple HVAC Summer Tune up Tips

hvac summer

Published on Jul 30, 2020 in Air Conditioners

As if things aren’t hot enough, temperatures in Conway are about to get even hotter. With August right around the corner, our area typically sees temps soar into the 90s for several days out of the month.

Of course, you’ve already turned your air conditioner on, but have you taken care of your HVAC summer tune-up?

If it’s been a while since you thought about cooling system maintenance, we’ve put together a few HVAC summer tips to ensure your home stays cool for the entire summer.

Before the Dog Days of summer come to an end, take a minute and try the tips in today’s post.

Have You Changed Your Air Filter Lately?

Dirt and debris can accumulate in the HVAC system at any time of year, but it’s worse during the summer.

Dirty filters prevent the air in your home from circulating efficiently. For humid summer climates like we have here in Conway, you need good air circulation to avoid mold development.

Swap out the dirty filter with a clean one every 1-3 months.

Clean Your Thermostat

The next HVAC tip is an inspection and cleaning of your thermostat.

Gather a clean, soft cloth and a soft brush. If you have a small paintbrush, that’s perfect.

Dust the outside of the thermostat unit. Remove the cover and dust inside with your brush. Gently slide a piece of paper between contact points and remove dust.

It’s a good idea to replace the batteries at this time as well.

Keep Your Vents Clear

The supply and return vents make up an essential part of your HVAC system. When they’re blocked, you won’t enjoy adequate airflow.

Walk through your home and ensure all the vents are clear. That means moving boxes or furniture in front of the vents. If you notice dust build-up, use a broom and sweep it away.

Tip: Another critical component of your HVAC system is the air ducts. If you’ve never had them cleaned, talk to your HVAC air conditioning service about adding duct cleaning to your  HVAC maintenance plan.

Pay Attention to Noises

HVAC systems often give clues that they need your attention. Unusual noises are a sign!

If you hear banging, clicking, hissing, or scraping, find your flashlight. Inspect the area around the bottom of both the inside and outside units. Check for visible signs of trouble.

You may need to call your HVAC repair service company to troubleshoot!

Schedule an HVAC Inspection

One of the kindest things you can do for your HVAC system is to keep it tuned-up.

HVAC tune-ups should include inspection, cleaning and lubrication, and a discussion of current and potential future repairs or replacements.

It’s all about priming your HVAC system for more efficient cooling and watching out for typical HVAC service and repair issues.

Need More HVAC Summer Tips?

Here at Pearce Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand how critical it is to keep the AC running. We’ve been installing and repairing HVAC systems in the Conway area since 1972. We’d love to be your preferred HVAC service.

We hope our HVAC summer tips help you stay comfortable in your home this summer!

If you need more tips or you’d like to schedule a tune-up, contact our team today!

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