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5 Tips to Achieve a More Energy-Efficient HVAC During the Current Situation

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Published on Apr 29, 2020 in Air Conditioners

Under normal circumstances, the average American spends about 90% of their time indoors. And that number has obviously gone up for most people in recent months thanks to everything that’s been going on in the world.

When you spend a lot of time inside, it’s important for you to have an HVAC system that’s as efficient as it can possibly be. Otherwise, it’ll cost you a small fortune to run it all the time.

Here are five tips that will help you achieve a more energy-efficient HVAC system so that your energy bills aren’t sky high in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

1. Install a Smart Thermostat

Have you been thinking about putting a smart thermostat into place in your home for a while now? Now would be the perfect time to order one and have it delivered to your home.

Once you have your smart thermostat up and running, you’ll be able to control the temperature from anywhere inside your house. Over time, your smart thermostat will also start to pick up on your tendencies and set out to keep your home comfortable for you without you having to worry about doing a thing.

This will keep the temperature in your home consistent. It’ll also prevent your HVAC system from constantly turning on and off and increasing your energy bills in the process.

2. Check Your Insulation Levels and Adjust Them Accordingly

Since most people have spent their fair share of time cooped up in the house recently, they’ve taken on a lot of the home improvement projects that they’ve been putting off for months now. From reorganizing their closets to painting their walls, they’ve done it all.

If you’re looking for a home improvement project to do, how about checking your insulation levels to see if you’re in need of new insulation? You can have the most efficient HVAC system in the world, but it’s not going to do you much good without enough insulation.

3. Replace Your Air Filter on a Regular Basis

Typically, homeowners only have to replace the air filters in their HVAC systems about once every three months. But you may want to do it more often than that now that you’re spending most days stuck inside your house.

Replacing your air filter will improve your home’s indoor air quality. It’ll also leave you with a more energy-efficient HVAC system that will circulate clean air throughout your home when it’s on.

4. Use Your Window Treatments to Your Advantage

It’s important for people to stay home during these troubled times. But it’s also important for them to make sure they’re getting enough natural light each day.

Natural light helps to increase your vitamin D levels, which boosts your mood and keeps your spirits high. It’s why you should keep your window treatments open for at least a couple of hours every day to bring natural light into your home.

But if your goal is to increase your HVAC efficiency, you shouldn’t leave your window treatments open all day. That will make your home warmer than it has to be and send your HVAC system into overdrive.

5. Schedule HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Is your HVAC system in serious need of maintenance and/or repairs? Don’t let what’s happening in the world stop you from scheduling necessary HVAC services.

If you continue to use an HVAC system that’s in need of maintenance and/or repairs, it could cost you in the end. The most efficient HVAC systems are the ones that are maintained at all times.

Give Yourself a More Energy-Efficient HVAC System Today

You have enough going on in your life right now. Why add skyrocketing energy bills to your list of constant concerns?

You can give yourself a more energy-efficient HVAC system by putting the tips found here to good use. They’ll result in HVAC energy-saving and cut your energy bills down to size in no time.

Contact us today if you need help regaining control of your HVAC energy efficiency.

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