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What to Expect During Your AC Installation

ac installation

Published on Mar 29, 2021 in Air Conditioners

Did you know that the average summer high in Conway is over ninety degrees? Life is good for lots of reasons in Central Arkansas, but you’ll need a good AC system to get the most out of living here.

Spring is becoming more apparent every day, which means many Arkansas residents are thinking about air conditioning. If you’re anticipating needing a new AC system, you should act now. You won’t want to worry about fixing your old AC once those long, hot, and humid summer days hit.

What should you expect from a big AC installation? How disruptive is the process? The answers will likely reassure you.

Keep reading to find out everything you should know.

A Clear Plan for AC Installation

It’s a bad idea to go in blind when you’re installing an AC system. That’s why your HVAC professional will plan out the installation as much as possible. They should communicate that planning with you.

They may need to visit your house to take exact measurements of installation areas and equipment. They should anticipate and consult with you about any house alterations they need to make outside of the AC unit, such as changing your electrical wiring. They should have a project timeline based on the installation’s complexity.

Of course, unanticipated issues can pop up for even the best-trained and best-prepared installation team. But proper planning will still minimize homelife disruption and unanticipated costs.

Minimizing Disruption

No one’s going to list getting an HVAC installation as one of their favorite things. You’re probably picturing an endless stream of noise, dust, and outsiders tromping through your house. If you weren’t worried about those scorching Arizona summers coming up, you’d probably skip it altogether.

But good HVAC professionals take many steps to minimize disruption and worry during the installation process. Small yet highly trained crews of two or three workers help installations run smoothly. These workers use their installation plan to minimize noise, dirt, and delay.

Your installation may take only half a day or up to three days, depending on its complexity. Your HVAC team can limit work to certain hours of the day. They can use drop tarps and disposable foot coverings to keep your house clean.

You may have to take some measures ahead of time to ensure the installation goes smoothly. Remove any toys or clutter from the installation era. You may have to move furniture to fully clear the needed space. Pets should be kept away from the installation for their safety.

Guidance and Follow-Up

So your new ac system is ready to go. What now?

Your HVAC professional shouldn’t leave you hanging. After the installation is complete, they’ll test that it’s functioning properly. They should also show you how to use your new HVAC system and explain any significant features.

It’s always the goal to have a new AC installation work flawlessly from the moment you switch it on. However, that’s not always the reality.

Some HVAC installers schedule follow-up phone calls to see how the new installation is working out. Whether they schedule a specific follow-up or not, your HVAC professional should be ready to address any questions or issues that arise after your installation.

Start Planning Your AC Installation Today

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for HVAC professionals. That means timeslots for your AC installation may be much scarcer.

If you’re thinking about a new AC installation in Central Arkansas, we can help you get started today. Contact us to learn more about a smooth, easy AC installation and a long, comfortable Arkansas summer!

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