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5 Interesting Facts About Zoned Heating

zoned heating

Published on Sep 23, 2020 in Heat Pumps

As the weather grows cooler, most homeowners have one question: How do you keep your home warm and comfortable for everyone during the colder months?

If you’ve asked yourself this, you’re not alone. Heating a house to everyone’s preferences can be incredibly tricky, especially when your loved ones prefer different temperatures.

Fortunately, heating companies have come up with a solution: zoned heating.

But what is zoned heating, and what makes it so great?

Below, we’ll go into 5 interesting facts about zoned heating. Read on to learn more!

1. Zoned Heating Allows You More Control Over Your Home’s Temperature

Zoned heating works incredibly well for people who want more control over how they are heating their homes.

Zoned heating is actually a system that divides your home into several zones.

They work by redirecting airflow into certain areas of your home, causing a concentration heat. You can then regulate the temperature of those areas as needed.

2. Zoned Heating Helps You Get Rid of Cold Rooms

Do you ever have that one room that is just unexplainably really cold in the winter?

Do you feel like no matter how high you turn the heat up, that room stays the same temperature?

Zoned heating helps you fix this problem. In fact, you can direct heat directly to that room, making it just as toasty as the other ones.

3. Satisfy Everyone in Your Family

Does your family have one person who is really sensitive to temperature? They either sweat too much in the winter or get cold way too easily?

Keeping everyone at a comfortable temperature can be difficult, especially if people have different preferences.

But there’s actually a way to keep everyone happy. Since zoned heating gives you more direct control over how an area of your home is heated, you can tailor different zones to different people’s preferences.

This saves you from having to constantly dispute what temperature you should maintain.

4. Save Money

Let’s face it: energy bills can be sky high sometimes, especially when you live in a place with extreme weather temperatures.

In general, you would think a heating system would drain your wallet, but what if it actually ended up saving you money?

That’s one huge benefit to zoned heating. It lets you select the exact temperature in any area of your house. As a result, if you have somewhere you don’t go very often, you don’t have to pay for that space to be heated.

And you use less energy.

What if you need to go there? Don’t worry. Just set the zone to your preferred temperature.

5. You Don’t Have to Rely on One Thermostat

When your home uses central heating, it measures the air around one thermostat in your house to determine when to pump air in.

Of course, this is somewhat inconvenient, because the air around that thermostat might not best represent other areas of the house.

With zoned heating, you don’t have to just rely on one thermostat. Instead, you can keep any section of your home heated to your preferred degree.

Get Better Heating Today!

With winter approaching, you’ll want to prepare your home for the cold months. Getting a zoned heating system is a fantastic way to do so.

If you’re interested in having this sort of system installed, you’re in luck! At Pearce Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll come out and install top-notch heating systems in your home. We’ll also repair any systems that have been damaged.

Give us a call today to start living a more toasty life!

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