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5 Amazing Benefits of Passing an HVAC Inspection and Installing a Packaged System

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Published on Oct 15, 2021 in Indoor Air Quality

Conway may not have the most extreme weather in the USA, but the thermometer still dips as low as 25°F in the middle of winter. That’s not a comfortable temperature. You may already have a single AC unit or rely on a heat pump or gas heater. Yet, they’re not the most efficient way to heat your whole home. Booking an HVAC inspection for your home to see if it’s suitable to install a packaged system could save you money and allow you to be comfortable in your Conway home all year round.

Read on to check out five benefits of using packaged HVAC systems.

Save on Space After Inspection and Installation

Older multi-unit HVAC systems take up more room than modern packaged units.

Some of these older units live in the basement, so they occupy a potential living space. In most cases, as the weather is not extreme in Conway, AR, packaged HVAC systems can be placed on the roof or next to the house.

The outdoor placement of these units means you can use that space in the basement to add square footage to your indoor living space.

Quick and Easy Installation and Maintenance

Manufacturing of a packaged HVAC system is completed off-site and as a single unit. As a result, the initial installation is almost always successful and much cheaper than traditional multi-unit installs.

If any maintenance is required on a packaged system, the HVAC inspection cost is cheaper than a multi-unit system. This is because the technician only has to complete the HVAC check-up on one unit. They also won’t have to move between the inside and outside of your home as frequently.

Packaged HVAC systems sometimes have issues with rust in coastal locations. But, since Lake Conway is freshwater, we don’t have that issue here.

Save Money

Packaged HVAC systems are much more efficient than split systems or using a combination of gas and electric heating. They don’t have to work as hard as they only need to draw power to one AC unit.

Packaged HVAC could save you between 15 and 25 percent monthly when compared to multi-unit systems. Look out for an energy star sticker when choosing your system.

There are also plenty of discounts and rebates available for the initial install of your system.

Plenty of Reliable Options

As with traditional HVAC systems, a vast range of options is available to suit all budgets and living spaces. Most units only need maintenance once a year and rarely run into any issues outside of this requirement.

Year-Round Heating and Cooling for Large Spaces

One massive benefit HVAC systems have over a heat pump, or other heating systems is that you can also use them to cool your home in the winter.

Larger packaged HVAC systems can climate-control huge areas with ease. So, no matter the size of your home, one of these systems can handle it.

Get an HVAC System for Your Home

Provided your home ticks all the boxes of an HVAC inspection checklist, you can get all these benefits and more for a cheaper cost than you may think. Call us at Pearce AC today to book an inspection for your Conway AR home.

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